U/s Pic of our lil miracle in the making..

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U/s Pic of our lil miracle in the making..

Hi ladies

Everything went GREAT!! I tell you I am still in shocked that this is happening.. such a LONNGGGG time coming. Our lil miracle was just a wiggling around.. Crossing the legs.. and for some reason kept putting the right hand up close to the head.. So I am sure the lil one is a thumb sucker lol :binkybabe:

The U/S tech was awesome she let us video it and when she was saying bye to baby.. the baby actually stopping swimming and waved.. so so cute.. I tell you I am feeling so so blessed right now and so HAPPY Smile I am going to stop saying what IF.. and live in the moment Smile Guess what I AM HAVING A BABYYYYYYY.. Yahoo :yahoo:

11 Week and 2 Days (Heartbeat 167 and we heard it this time.. Yep a recording moment

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so glad that you can finally breathe easy! your little bean is adorable!

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:cloud9: Yahoo

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SOOO cute- congrats!!!

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Oh Roni your lil' girl or boy is just adorable!! So happy for you! Our doctors don't allow any personal camera pictures or video taping, you are very lucky!!! It was a remarkable day and many more to come, so enjoy every moment!!

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I'm so excited for you! They actually let you video too, that is great! Yeah for a great appointment!