U/S was today!

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U/S was today!

We had our u/s today!! Baby is measuring right on (weighed in at about 11oz), HR was great (160s), and baby is perfect and healthy as can be! Found out my placenta is anterior and that is why I am not feeling strong movements (which is what I was thinking). Oh and baby is still a surprise although both I and hubby have a strong feeling it is going to be a girl! I did get pics but none on a CD that I can load on here Sad I wish I had a scanner! It was a great day!!!!

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I'm glad you stayed strong! I hope you figure out some pics somehow- maybe take a pic with your phone? Smile Congrats on a healthy baby!

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I'm glad everything went well!! Good for you for not finding out

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I bet it's a girl too! Glad everything is looking good. All three of my boys HR have been in the 140's by the anatomy U/S.

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Yay! Glad all went well. Smile

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Glad that everything went well! Biggrin

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Yay Marcia for staying strong and not finding out. You go girl lol. I have mine next week and have no intention of finding out lol

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Glad everything went well. I don't know how you ladies are so strong to keep the sex hidden until birth.

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yay for a healthy babe!! (:
I dont know how you greenies stay so cool and collected about not knowing the gender lol