U/S Today! :D

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U/S Today! :D

Hey guys! I had my 2nd appointment today and all is well! I actually had my first sono, which I was surprised since I'm still kinda....fluffy in the gut, lol! The sono tech immediately was like "there's the head, there's the feet, etc." Of course DH and I are both like...really?? We see blobs, but we're happy to hear everything is measuring correctly, and my due date is still the same! I'm so excited, it seems a little more "real" now! :eek:

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Yay! Congrats! Such a cute little bean! Biggrin So happy for you!

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AWESOME! I knew all would go well! Smile

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Woo hoo! That is wonderful (and a huge relief for you, too!) Yahoo

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How awesome is that!?! Congrats Amanda! SO happy to hear all went well Biggrin

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Thanks guys! I've officially announced on FB today as well, so it's seeming so much more real! Biggrin

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Yeah! Congrats on having a "real" baby!!!:yahoo:

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Wonderful pics of your LO Smile I'm happy to hear your u/s went well and the tech talked wonderfully about bits and parts of baby. I know you were shocked but I bet the smile still has not faded from your faces Smile