UGH Headaches!!

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UGH Headaches!!

What's with all the headaches lately? I had them with my last pregnancy too. Nothing seems to be helping them this time around and my kids are driving me crazy. i've said "inside voice" about 100 times

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Not much help here Sad I get a few headaches but nothing bad so I just deal with it. Perhaps call your doctor to see if he can call you in something.

Feel better Biggrin

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Headaches during pregnancy suck!! I get them from time to time and about the only thing you can take is tylenol and I feel like it doesn't do squat! I love aspirin or motrin for headaches but both are no nos. I feel your pain! Especially with the 2 other kids running around, and being loud! lol

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I thought I was the only one! Or I thought it was because my bun in my hair was too tight. These headaches never. go. away. I want to cry. Or be in a dark room.

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i am really sorry that sucks!

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I get migraines bad in the first trimester and the last few weeks of pregnancy. I take Tylenol and drink something with a little caffeine. If I can I also get a cool wash cloth to put on my forehead and over my eyes and lay in a cool, dark room. Sometimes adding a warm rice bag to the back of my neck along with the cool cloth on my head helps too, if it's stress related.

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Ugh headaches are the worst at the best of time and being pregnant would be worse. I hope you girls who have them get some relief soon.

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Man I'm sorry- those sound bad Sad The types of headaches I've had usually go away with water (so probably just dehydration). I hope your's go away!

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I have been having killer headaches since about week 9. Yesterday the only thing that worked was a super hot shower. We start back to school on Monday and I am really worried about making it through the day.

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Oh that really sucks...does Tylenol help u at all? hope u feel better soon!
I get 1st Tri headaches too, i remember from Anvita's time, some days were so bad, i really thought my eyes wd go cross if the pain continued!!
I've also had some this time, hope fully will disappear now slowly.

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Tylenol wasn't really helping. They've seemed to calm down the last 2 days. I've been drinking a bit of caffine (tisk, tisk) but it took the edge off. I had a pretty good nights sleep the other night and I think that helped