UGH i just want to vent...

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UGH i just want to vent...

about my Symptoms!! I'm getting tired of waiting for the first tri. to end and feel better, this seems never ending. I've never been very good about 'sucking it up' as my DH says. It's one of my basic needs to whine and wail Biggrin
So here's my list of woes-

My boobs have hurt since before I missed a period. They felt heavy and stuffed with stones OUCH

Exhaustion and Fatigue!! i have wanted to lie down or sit all the time...though now i've come down to only one long nap in the afternoon with DD.

Breathlessness- there's simply not enough oxygen on this planet for me! Feels like i'm scaling the Himalaya :O

Nausea- fortunately very few episodes of actual throwing up, though it sometimes feels better afterwards. Just queasyness the whole time, no more normal pangs of hunger, increased nausea means i need to eat something!

bloating!! my tummy looks like 6 months preggo already

backpain - my lower back huuurts Sad

And to top this all, I've a cough and all this coughing is making my c-sec scar area hurt from the inside. this is also scary...i dont know if taking a medicine is safe, so i'm just doing some herbal remedies at home.

Thts all...i already feel slightly better Smile Feel free to share, please!!

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BOOOO to all of that! I can tell you- I'm only a couple weeks further than you, but I already feel a bit better- still somewhat extra tired, but not as nauseous and not quite as achey! I just pull out ultrasound pics of Ronan when I feel gross to remind myself of how the newbie is growing and that there's a wonderful reward at the end of all of it!
I hope you feel better soon!

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I am right there with you! Oh my goodness.

Right now I am feeling the worst of all. I have been constipated the past 2 days and then this morning I finally went and it was so runny. And now I have super bad gas and gas cramps and nausea..... Yeah. Fun stuff.

I just want to nap. Forever.

7 more weeks.........

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I'm so there with you - on the nausea more than anything...I feel like it's never going to end. I wish I could just throw up and get it over with, but I haven't. :/

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Bless your heart, getting sick at anytime is the pits!! Of course, I'm not as far along as you now, but today I have felt yucky...mainly with major dizziness, and a couple of waves of nausea. Just keep remembering this too will pass and just around the corner will be the day that you will rejoice holding your new little baby. It's all worth it in the end!

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Oh thank you for the support girls! and also for reminding me of the reward at the end, how nice of of u Smile

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im there with you on the nausea! i am counting the days til my second trimester so that it will hopefully stop! my worst part of mine tho is the hemorrhoids and the gas! and that they tell me will continue until after i give birth. o how i wish this pregnancy was like my first! only symptoms i had with her was my migraines picked up (and no pain killers unless i went to the hospital) and extreme heartburn in the 3rd trimester! i miss that pregnancy now! lol