Uneventful Appointment

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Uneventful Appointment

So we have been on vacation in Arizona the past week. It was nice to get away for a bit but it was a really quick and and busy so it flew by.

This morning we had our first appointment with our OB. I had a pap and an U/S done. He said that we wouldn't be able to hear the HB so he didn't even try, but we saw our bean and the HB measured at 159bpm. I was able to hear the HB with my doppler while we were in AZ, so I know that all is well. All in all, it was a super uneventful appointment, which I heard was a good thing, so I'll take it. We go back in on August 22nd, which is my hubby's birthday. Smile

My nausea has reared it's ugly head again as of yesterday. No vomiting, still. But I feel sick all the time. Worse than usual. Ughhh.

Other than that not much else to report. How have you all been?!

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Yay for an uneventful appointment! I like those. No looking up the moonie, no freak-outs, nothing but normal. Relief. lol

I'm sorry your m/s has struck again. Mine kind of snuck back up this morning after being gone for about 2 weeks. It's either m/s or I'm getting sick. BOOOO. Otherwise, I'm fine and dandy. Biggrin

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Yay for a Great and uneventful appointment Smile U can hear the heartbeat as early as 6 weeks via vaginal U/S. I had a doctor tell me when I was 8 weeks that he could do it but it could hurt the lil one. (strange .. never heard that one)

As for being sick.. I know when you feel that way the last thing you want to do is eat. But I made myself eat and I always felt better shortly after. (strange I know)

Congratssssssssssssss (hugs)

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Sounds like a great appointment! BTW if you are small it's bull that the doc just flat out told you you wouldn't be able to hear the heart beat with out even trying. I've heard the HB with all 3 of my pregnancy's at 10 weeks. Sorry if that sounded a little snobbish. I really have a hard time with Dr's, specifically OB's because I've had bad experiences and a lot of my friends have had bad birth experiences or dr's have told them really stupid things.

So that being said, I'm glad the appointments went well and that you got to see your little babe. Sorry about the morning sickness. Mine increased from 7-12 weeks and this past week it's started easing. I have days that it's back to where it was at around 7 weeks but nothing like it was around 10-11 weeks. I hope yours starts easing soon too. I think 10-12 weeks tend to be he worst for MS.

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Yay for a good appointment! I'm glad to hear everything was uneventful.

As for the MS...yes it's back for me too it seems and I hate it...and now kridda_88 says that 10-12 weeks is the worst?? I want to go crawl under a rock for the next couple of weeks. Sad

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Congrats on a good and uneventful appointment! Also, wonderful that you heard the heartbeat while away so you weren't really anxious or anything Smile I'm sorry you're feeling sick again, that sucks. Hopefully as the second trimester approaches you'll feel better and better!

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Sounds like a great appt! So glad you could find the HB with your doppler! It is so much fun to hear it whenever you want Smile Sorry the nausea is back Sad That is no fun! My midwives never try to hear the heartbeat before 12 weeks because they know how freaked out moms get if they cannot hear it even though it is too early.

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Hi!!! I've been thinking about you!! So glad things went so well on vacation and at the doctors appt! Grow, LO, grow!!

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I was wondering where you were at lately. I remb the vacation time though. Good job on getting an ultrasound from your first OB apt. I had to beg her for it and she basically only did it cause I said the doppler would have been hard to hear thru my fat belly. I think she agreed and went and got it to shut me up. I think I'm having a harder time with my doppler because of my fat on my stomach. I can hear it really well a couple of times and then last night I freaked cause I couldn't find it. Then this morning I found it but it doesn't seem fast enough. I'm sure it's just cause of all the belly fat it has to get through lol

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I'm glad you had a good appt. I am however surprised your dr. didn't atleast try to hear the heartbeat. I heard both my boys at the 10 week dr. appt. At least you got to hear it on the ultrasound! Smile