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Hi girls,

I had my 39 weeks appt today and I was a good 3cm's dilated almost 4.. so he swept my membranes, and told me the baby should be here within the next 48 hours. I am so uncomfortable, and ready to have him outta me, but scared all at the same time. This is my 3rd baby, but first son. I am only used to girls, not boys.

I am not even packed for the hospital yet bc I don't know how big he will be, or what size diapers he will be in... I know nothing!!

Here is a little something about me and my family that I have been keeping to myself...

My fiance and I do not live together, our youngest will be 15 months on Sunday, and I am really feeling stressed and overwhelmed lately bc of everything that is going on right now. Due to Social Services putting restrictions on things all bc something my fiance had been accused of doing when he was a minor. Anyway long story short.. he is allowed in with me during the delivery, but has to leave once I am in my room with the baby on the mat ward. I don't think it is fair after all we will be in the hospital, but rules are rules and I am just trying to suck it up and get over it.. I hate the fact that I will be bringing the baby home alone, and that he can't have a part in that, but it won't always be like this I guess.

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Oh I'm so.excited for you!! Come.on baby!!

I'm sorry about your living situation that sounds tough and I hope things get better andfast!

As for your bag pack a little of everything(: it'll keep you from stressing and it'll give you something to do. (:

I'll be facebook stalking you Blum 3

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I am so sorry for the stressful situation. I am glad he at least gets to he with you in delivery. Fingers crossed for you that the sweep works.

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I too am sorry about the living situation- hopefully its not for too much longer! Keep us posted on your progress and good luck!