update.. dr's appt.

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update.. dr's appt.

Had my 2nd Dr's appt and everything went great... he did an internal, pap, and was like I will try to listen to the baby's heartbeat, but where you are only 11 1/2 wks I can't guarantee that we will be able to hear it... well first try and he got it!! The baby's hb was 160, and good and strong.

Morning sickness is really bad off and on, but my Dr. gave me some Maxaran to try so hopefully it works!!

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Awwww HaPPy beats Smile Such a adorable lil sound

Congrats on a Great appointment Yahoo

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I'm glad you got to hear LO's HB right away- how reassuring! I hope the meds work and you can start feeling more human again soon!

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yay on the hb!!! It is such a wonderful sound!!!! Wink I go for my appt. next week and I'll only be 10 1/2 weeks, I'm hoping we can hear it, but I know it is really early.

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Yay for hearing the beats! Yahoo

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Yay for HB!! (: Such a pretty sound isnt it?!

Hope the meds help with your morning sickness!