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Update on Me

So, I never pictured my third trimester would be so full of crazy things being thrown at me by life! I'm so sad that I've been MIA for the boards for basically the last 3 months. Hopefully my life is calming down just in time for it to get crazy with having Reagan in the upcoming days!

Baby Info: I'm 1cm dilated and 50% effaced as of my appt yesterday, so I guess I'm officially a ticking time bomb! Wink

Life: My dad thankfully came home from the hospital a couple of weeks ago. He is doing much better, and though it's hard to see him having to take things so slow, we are just so happy he's home. He's on oxygen, and now going to therapy to basically re-learn how to breathe to get the most oxygen, as well as how not to panic when he's a bit out of breath. He's taking lots of breathing treatments and that seems to help keep his O2 saturation in the 90's consistently, so we are so thankful.

Last Sunday suddenly, my cat passed away. He was only 11, and started acting like he was in pain last week. We took him to the vet, who diagnosed him with hypertension and drew 3/4 of a liter of fluid from his lungs. Those who know cats know that they don't show pain until they just can't take it, and apparently he had been having heart issues for a while and we just had no idea. Well, apparently he was worse than the doctor thought, because he suddenly passed away on Sunday evening. I went to check on him, and he was just gone. The vet thinks that he may have had a heart attack. My heart broke into a million pieces, this cat was truly our first baby. Brad brought him home to my for my 20th birthday, and he took us from being a couple to a "family." He was a mutt, but his main breed was Ragdoll, and they are a lot like dogs, they follow you from room to room, play with you, and are insanely loyal. I must have cried for 3 hours straight on Sunday.

I took off work Monday, since I had no sleep at all and was just still in so much shock. Since then, I'm feeling better, but I just don't know what else could possibly happen to me here in this last month without me simply just going insane.

Our living situation is still tense, DH and I are staying with my brother, which was wonderful...but now he's moved in his girlfriend and her 3-year-old, and the girlfriend drives us mad. That's a whole OTHER story...the short version is that now her and my brother are preggo. I'm so happy for him, because he has no children (he's 40), and has always wanted a son or daughter...but the GF is just a hot mess. She's 27, immature, doesn't parent her daughter beyond putting her in front of a TV, doesn't clean up after herself and just makes us crazy. I am better at ignoring her, but it stresses out DH so much. I just wanted this to be our time. I'm so b*tchy right now, and I know I have so much to still be thankful for, it's just hard to keep the good in sight right now with the bad. Sad

If you've made it this far, I'm sorry for griping so much. I just can't take much more without exploding.

Here's a picture of Noah, our cat, I miss him SO much!

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So glad to hear from you Amanda! I have been wondering how you were doing. Glad to hear your Dad is doing better. Sorry to hear about your cat. It is so hard losing a pet Sad Your living situtation sounds pretty stressful!!! How long will until you guys have your own place? Pregnancy wise are you feeling pretty good? Are you working up until baby arrives? Thanks for updating us!

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Oh Amanda first I am so glad to hear that while it's slow going, your dad is home and on the road to recovery. I am so sorry about what your living situation has turned into, how uncomfortable. I know it is short notice but it there any way you guys could move into a small apt? Having your own space might be worth a quick move. I can't remember if dh had a job lined up or if he is looking...so sorry about your kitty too, it's very hard to lose a beloved pet {{{huge hugs }}}

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Oh my,,,,so much going on girl! So sorry about your cat. I have 2 cats and love them so much, so I can only imagine how awful you must feel.
Good to hear your dad is on the road to recovery. Smile
About your bro and his GF, thats a though one. When I was pregnant with DS #1 we found out that my brother in law got his girlfriend pregnant and he'd only been with her for about a month. I kinda felt cheated because the whole 'pregnancy' thing was supposed to be my special thing..kwim? Plus, this girl was also a "hot mess" like you said about your brother's girlfriend. But eventually they got married(2yrs later) and now they have 2 kids and seem pretty happy. So it eventually worked out. I've even sorta become friends with her to an extent. So hopefully with a lot of prayers and time things will seem better than they do right now.

Hugs!!! You will be a mom soon!

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Thanks all, and sorry again for being so MIA! I appreciate all your kind words! Unfortunately we're kind of stuck in the living sitch...DH and I had planned for him to start grad school in the fall, and we don't make enough on my pay alone to move just yet. But, things are seeming a little better over the last few days. I'm starting to feel a bit human again, just in time to have a baby, lol! I'm trying to play catch up with so much stuff this week (my gift exchange partner must hate me by now), so hopefully I'll be all caught up in time to chill out with a baby soon! She's due in 9 days!

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Hey Amanda,

Did you ever get your gift exchange box? I forgot to put tracking on it to make sure it made it safely to your house. I hope it got there because I hate to think because of me it got lost in the mail.