Update on Remy

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Update on Remy

So, yesterday we were at our kids' well visits. It was the end of the appointment and she was getting her shots, and I had asked if I could hold her legs still because she has Osteogenesis Imperfecta Type IV (brittle bones), but the nurse didn't let me. So, the nurse was in the middle of giving shots and had Remy's legs kind of pinned down and must have moved funny and we heard a pop sound and she was screaming. We were sent to the hospital after asking the doctor to come in (the nurse didn't even aknowledge anything happened, and left the room) and they confirmed with an x-ray that her right femur broke. We were then sent home (not very cool because no pain meds) to figure out the plan of action (we didn't want a certain ortho dr because he hurt our son's leg a year ago), and got a call to go to an ortho ped guy 15 minutes away. We got there and he looked her over and we talked some, and we went over to the hospital. 1.5 hours later (6 hours since she had last eaten and having only gotten some tylenol) she was put under anesthesia in the OR so they could set her leg and put on a spica cast (not real surgery in the way that they didn't need to cut or anything luckily). She was in recovery for a bit, then an observation room until we felt comfortable (and could keep formula and medicine down), and we came home at 1 am. We went through this with Ronan at about the same age (broken femur, not hurt the same way), but its still incredibly sad and hard. Remy is getting a little more comfortable, but will still startle and start screaming/crying. Just wanted to update everyone!

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Sorry that she is/was in pain... i hope she feels better

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Good lord I think I would have jumped on that nurse! I'm sorry but that was totally uncalled for. She should have allowed you to hold your child's leg because after all...you are the mother and have been through this with your son who has the same disease. Geez and she just left...I am so sorry. I hope she feels better soon.

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You didn't tell me the part about asking if you could hold her legs, or how she reacted. OMG I am so tempted to drive up there right now and give her a piece of my mind... or my fist, which ever floats my boat at the time. *let me introduce myself, I'm Remy's aunt* You should def. go talk to the clinic manager. She shouldn't be working with infants, or any kid, for that matter, if she cant respect the parents or listen to them when they say BE CAREFUL

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oh my gosh! I would have been furious! And I agree with "Remy's Aunt" I-m so happy Lol a flying fist would have been in order! Good lord how unprofessional!

I hope she starts feeling better soon! Sending lots of love to little Remy!

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Thanks for the support everyone! Miss Remy is struggling to get comfortable all the time- hopefully we'll find something that clicks soon!