update on us... and a question!

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update on us... and a question!

so i know its been a while since i posted but a lot has been going on... christopher is doing great. he weighs around 17lbs and is loving all kinds of new foods, and he is doing so many new things. my question for anyone who can help me is this... at night time he wakes up about 10 times a night freaking out bc he rolled over on his belly and hates it. i get out of bed, roll him back over, put his blanket on... and like i said i do this about 10 times a night. hopefully some one can give me suggestions to stop him from rolling over while is in bed.

my girls are doing great.. my oldest is in grade 1 and loving it, and my almost 2 year old is waiting to be diagnosed with austism. needless to say things have been very difficult around here for me.

anyways i hope every one is doing great!

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I have this exact same problem!!! My son HATES it when he rolls all the way on his belly, but he loves to sleep on his side!

My husband said to put a pillow on his sides, but I didn't try that. I was afraid my son would suffocate :/ I tried putting a rolled blanket next to him but he pushed that out of the way. I guess I'm going to try and keep putting rolled up blanket around his lower half to see if I can stop him from rolling over. He can roll back, but since he's tired, he just gets mad lol.

Hopefully something works because I'm tired from having to rescue him about 7 times every night lol.

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This was a life saver to me. This isn't the exact one I had. Ine was similar but only $10. Worked great for us.

Summer Infant Head n Back Sleep Positioner : Summer Infant

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I was going to suggested a sleep positioner or the rolled blankets lol

So glad to.hear you are doing well!