used breast pump.. whats your take?

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used breast pump.. whats your take?

Hello Ladies,

I just thought I would ask how you all feel about used breast bumps? I have very mixed reviews but the price seems to be great.. BUTTTTTTTTTT hmmm not sure if it is the best way to go. I can buy the tubes and cup thingys new.

Good Deal or NO?

Medela Duel pump (back pack)
5 years old and was used in Feb for 2 months.

Whatcha think?

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I wouldn't have an issue with a used pump if you get all new supplies (like you said you were going to do) no milk touches the actual unit so to me it is pretty sanitary.

So this pump is 5 years old but was only used for 2 months total? I personally would want a newer model and criagslist always has some (at least in my area) for about the same price. Just keep checking everyday fpr new posts.

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I have no problem using a used breast pump, thankfully my insurance covers the cost of a new one so I wont have to worry about that.

With Kay I got one free from the hospital [as a OMG we are sorry we screwed you over] and then I bought one off CL and got all new attachments (: Sold both tho when I had to stop Bfing.

Sounds like an okay deal, but Im with Marcia..Its 5yrs old, theres a lot of newer models out now and CL is usually loaded with ladies trying to get rid of their old ones! I'd try and find a newer model.

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I would not buy a used breast pump, especially a Medela one. The reason has nothing to do with the pump brand, it has to do with the fact that Medela pumps aren't meant to have different users. The parts do not keep everything contained, thus just changing a lot of the parts doesn't make it sanitary (it's an open system, not a closed system) The Ameda pumps are a closed system, so you can just buy a new kit and still use a "used" pump.

I suppose it's all about what you are comfortable with. If it was from a friend and you know their history then maybe it's okay, but from a stranger on Craigslist with no idea on their background I wouldn't take the chance.

ETA: Just a link explaining the difference between an open and closed system

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Thanks Ladies.. I have some research to do it seems Smile