Verdouxkai / Amanda has had Reagan!!! :)

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Verdouxkai / Amanda has had Reagan!!! :)

At aboy 1636 yesterday afternoon I think... Reagan entered the world vis emergency c section.
She is a wonderful 8 pounds and 3 oz and 20.5 inches long!!
With a beautiful head of hair!! She us gorgeous.
She us spending a kittle time in nicu but don't worry she is a healthy little girl.
Mum, dad and baby are doing very well just very tired.
Amanda will come and post once she has had some rest.

Welcome to the world Reagan
And congrats to mum and dad!!!

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Yahoo CONGRATS, Amanda! WTTW Reagan! Yahoo

(PS: Can't wait to see pics :D)

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AWWWW congrats Amanda!!! Hope your recovery is easy and you're enjoying miss Reagan! I also can't wait to see pics!

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So glad you posted Liz! I've been stalking for the last week! Biggrin

I can't imagine how thrilled she is!!! Congrats Amanda and family! WTTW Baby Reagan!!! Rest well! Yahoo

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Congratulations Amanda! Hope you are resting up and getting lots of new babe snuggles. Can't wait to see pics Smile

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Congrats Amanda on the long awaited bundle of joy!!

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Said it on fb but I'll say it again....YAY!
It was so much fun stalking your Pregnancy and waiting for you to go into labor(:
You and Brad look right at home holding that sweet little bundle!

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Yay! Congrats Amanda and WTTW, baby Reagan!!

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Congrats!! Get some rest momma! Can't wait to hear all about it.

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Wahoo!! So happy 4 Amanda!

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Thanks everyone! I'm sorry I haven't had time to post yet, I've been so overwhelmed by motherhood/recovering that I am just now sitting at the computer for a few minutes! I promise to post my birth story soon, just know that I'm so glad how it all turned out (the hospital and staff were AMAZING!), and I am so thrilled with my baby girl! Here she is, more pics later I'm sure!