We did it!

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We did it!

I have been so scared to... do it... that I have been selfishly holding out from my hubby and I felt so horrible for it. But I was scared. I have been lucky enough to not have any spotting at all this pregnancy and even though sex doesn't cause damage I was still scared.

But last night we did it and everything is fine and we both are a lot happier. Wink
Sorry, I just had to share it. Haha.

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Hhaha Yay for BDing!

I was holding out from hubby after our 'scare' at five weeks, we finalllllyyyyyy had IT & its like all our crankies just melted away lol

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Jenna and Ashley, I am so happy for you both Smile

I am too scared to DTD because the last numerous pregnancies have started off with my placenta laying over my cervix....not just touching it, but covering it they say. So, for a few more weeks at least, I will avoid it to be careful.

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I can't go 72 hours without DTD. I would die. Yahoo for luvins!

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Woo Hoo for sex... Smile
I was scard the first time and was not sure if I wanted to ever do it again but I worry way to much.. after the first time it only gets better from there.. Smile