Wedding Ring Stuck

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Wedding Ring Stuck

Yup. I waited too long to take it off and now I can't. I tried every trick in the book this weekend to get it off but I can't. Sad

It isn't bothering me right now, but my hands are swollen and as long as they don't get MORE swollen I should be okay. I just don't want them to have to cut my ring off. Ugh.

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crap!!!! I've been super lucky not to have swelling with either pregnancy (at least so far with this one) but my sister did- and the same thing happened. She ended up using either butter or windex.... I don't remember. And I think she got it right in the morning before she swelled more, and maybe even made her hand cold for it? Her husband's cousin had to get her's cut off because she lost circulation- so I hope that doesn't happen! Keep trying!!!

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Oh man! I outgrew my rings with my first pregnancy too. It sucks! I would say that you really need to try to get it off though because (at least in my experience) you will get more swelling and you don't want to totally cut of the circulation. Have you tried olive oil?

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Thanks ladies. We are going to talk to the jewlery store where we got the ring and see if they can help or if they can cut and repair it. But until then I will keep trying.

So far I have used butter, olive oil, windex, vasaline, hand soap, dish soap, I have soaked it in a bowl of ice water, I have put my hand in the freezer, I have tried tying dental floss around my finger.

It's pretty bad. Haha. Beee

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Yup sounds like you have tired everything!!! lol (sorry not funny, well kinda Wink !)

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Oh no! I took my actual wedding ring off 3 months ago due to swelling, hubby went to Kohls and got me a "for now" ring because I felt naked without a ring, it started out too big and now fits perfectly lol

My first pregnancy I swelled sooo much because of pre-e and my dad had to cut my promise ring and I soaked my hand in ice water then covered my finger in cooking fat and finally got my friendship ring off without cutting.

I hope the jewlery store can do something for you!!

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Try drinking a bunch of water. Sometimes more water can help with the swelling. Then figure out what time of day you are the least swollen, go outside and get your body nice and cold (the blood flows away from your hands when your body is cold) and try to oil the ring off.


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ooh no I have been so scared this will happen to me as well. So far, I have been lucky and the swelling has gone down when they have been tight. My hubby said I should get a gold chain and wear it around my neck if it hurts too much to wear.

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bummer Sad i hope they don't have to cut it!