Weekly appt, extra peek at Katie

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Weekly appt, extra peek at Katie

Weekly check up was today. Katie was snoozing, so we couldn't "find" her. Grabbed the US machine and she was right down the middle, still breech, and in the very rare (per Google search, so who knows how accurate that is) "kneeling breech" position. She quick checked fluid and size- fluid at 15 and approx 7.5-8 lbs right now! Oof! Anyway, did the NST and she ended up with a 15 min case of hiccups, which made it take a lot longer.

BP's okay, still a little high, but under control with the Labetalol. Up 2 lbs, but since I was down .5 last week, she no one was concerned. All in all, a pretty good appt. Next week I get to meet her partner b/c my dr is at a 2 day conference and the NST machine broke at her other office and they can't get parts. Oops. Hope this dr is as cool as mine, but even if she isn't, I likely won't be dealing with her(unless I go early and my dr is off.)

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sorry she's breach! yay for extra looks :)!!!

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You are a c-section either way, right? Awesome that you got another peek!!! Before the U/S could you tell that she was kneeling? Any strange feelings from it? Maybe she'll be a yoga instructor! Less than 3 weeks until 2/3! Yes, I'm stalking you and know your date Smile

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I could tell she was breech before my 34 wk scan, but I couldn't figure out how she managed to shove her feet/knees into my cervix as often as she does. Now I understand. Plus there is high probability of her not dropping due to her position.

As for the section, yeah, I was scheduled either way. Feb 3 is still the date (9am) but given the wierd contrax/cramping, I will not be surprised(nor will OB) if Katie decides enough is enough. I will, however, be very curious anout her actual size when she's born.

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Sounds like a great office visit & a wonderful sneak-peak Wink it's nice knowing you end date but like you said she may come earlier Wink

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Ugh, breech stinks! But it sounds like all will go ok. I was born breech myself...it's just one of those things.