Weight Gain

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Weight Gain

So am I the only one already obsessing about weight gain?? I have some issues with body image and weight gain already. I have had periods of near anorexia in high school/college. I am not that way now but always think about my weight and needing to work out. With my first I was so excited to not care about weight gain that I ate like 7 meals a day and gained 45 or more pounds. Which isn't a ton but for my 5'2" frame it was! I was way better with my second and made sure to eat healthy and stay active. I really didn't obsess about the weight gain, I gained 34lbs. This time I would like to keep it at 25lbs. I feel like I am mentally struggling with this! I am so paranoid about packing on the lbs! I am very active, run almost everyday and plan to continue this (within reason). Obviously I will do anything to have a healthy baby so I would never starve myself or exercise to a dangerous level. I just wish I could enjoy this and not obsess. I plan on talking with my midwives about it but I wanted to see if any of you struggle with this as well. Sorry for the long post!

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This is me, too!

I suffered from an eating disorder in my 20's and it still rears it's ugly head every now and again. It is so hard sometimes.

I'm pretty lucky so far as I've lost about 5 lbs but I have caught myself already thinking about what I should or shouldn't eat to keep losing. It's dangerous. I have been able to clean up my mind for the most part but the fact that I never lost the weight from DS#4 makes it even harder.

I think keeping yourself active and healthy will help. I know my daily walks with DS help to keep my mind in a positive place.

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I know what you mean! I think about it constantly, and look at the calendar thinking how much i'd gain by how far along and how fat I'd be at each point.. haha!!

I think its because I gained like 50lbs with my DS and I was already a little bit over what I should of started at, and so it took a lot of work to get it off!!

I use myfitnesspal.com and I've heard theres a website you can use to track your foods and whatnot if youre pregnant, so I think just being concious of my calories/exercise and eatng the right foods/protiens/whatevers will be a lot easier to not gain so much weight this time!!

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I have had some issues most of my life with body image (my mom was severely anorexic when I was younger and still even now has issues so that definitely affected me), but with my first I totally "let go" and hardly worked out in fear of m/c and gained 35 lbs. I discovered a new love for running after she was born because she liked riding in the jogger so I ended up losing an additional 5 lbs and getting a great shape. So when I got pregnant this time, I really wanted to keep the weight gain as low as healthily possible so I've watched what I eat, I've continued running (still jogging...slowly...at 34 weeks), and just tried to stay active all around. And guess what...I'm still up 32 pounds! I've come to the conclusion that my body is going to gain what it needs to and there isn't much I can do about it. BUT all of my hard work is paying off with that I still feel GREAT this far along and hardly have any soreness to speak of whereas with my DD I was a mess by this point. And hopefully (cross fingers!!) it will come off easier this time too. Anyway, HTH - just wanted to share that obsessing over it for me didn't seem to help and just made me stressed out so in the long run I've had to surrender to the weight gain.

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I think about it constantly because I'm already quite obese. I was working on losing weight when I had DS and it's stalled (actually I've put 20 back on Sad ) and was working on it again this year. I have a goal of 25 pounds max and am working with my OB on a calorie/nutrient range to allow this to happen while still getting enough in for the baby.

Because I'm already overweight I don't "need" to gain any maternal fat - just blood, water, baby, bloating, breast tissue etc.

I count every calorie I take in every day and exercise moderately.

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I struggle with this as well. I'm overweight to start with and every time I get serious about losing, I get pg. Lol. I'm going to stay active during this pregnancy and not let myself lounge around like I did with the others. Not that I was a total slug but I didn't try very hard either.

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I'm right there with you Marcia! Honestly I am finding this time to be almost worse than the others. I have been working out at least every other day and trying to watch what I eat. I have gained less and less each pregnancy, but I'm at the point now where the weight is really starting to pile on. Just wanted to chime in and say you aren't alone. I find myself struggling with worrying about the weight on one hand and on the other worrying if my exercise is taking from the baby, logically I know it's not. I am sure to keep the heavy duty stuff to every other day with just yoga on my days 'off'. I know you liked Lindsay Brin's DVDs, I've been using her trimester videos this time around.