Well, I told my mom...

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Well, I told my mom...

Last night my husband finally forced me to tell my mom. I did not want to. I was afraid to, really. I felt like I was going to get in trouble or something bad was going to happen. A little back story... In the fall of 2008, when we decided that we wanted to start TTC, I told my mom and we got into a H U G E fight. She said the meanest, most heartless things to me like "You are too selfish to have a kid" and "Kids ruin your life". Cool, thanks mom. I never really forgave her for that and I was convinced that she has a voodoo doll of me and she was aiming for my ovaries.

Anyways, she sounded somewhat happy about it. It was more like a happy because she knew we really wanted this kind of happy, but happy nonetheless. Whatever. I can't please everyone.

But after I told my mom, I sent a picture of my pregnancy test to my cousin who immediately called me back and was SO HAPPY for me. It was nice. At least someone in my family truly cares. Ha.

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Parents are hard work. I am glad she was some what happy for you though and CONGRATS!!


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Well, speaking from a moms POV, it can be a tightrope sometimes. You want your children to be happy but sometimes you may think differently about the situation.

It's been a while since you first told her and maybe her feelings have changed or she may have seen the error she made. Try not to dwell on that past and just move on forward keeping things positive and happy with her.

I'm glad she seemed happy, and I bet as this LO grows and you share more she is going to get even more excited! I am glad your cousin was super excited for you! Lord knows, I'm SUPER excited for you!

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I know how you were feeling. I am having my #4 and I am very nervous to tell my family. My husband keeps asking when I am going to let everyone know and I keep holding off until I have my 1st Dr. apt and get all the details of when I am due exactly and I know that everything is going well. My situation is that it has been almost 10 years since I had my last child and my oldest just graduated from high school. We thought we were done have kids, but we are truly very excited for our newest little one. I have returned to school and am working toward a degree and I have recently gotten a really good job that has endless possibilities and everyone was so happy for me I am just not sure how my family will react.