Well, its official!

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Well, its official!

We have been assigned a tentitive date for my c section. BP is creeping ever higher, though the OB is waiting 2 more weeks to see if it comes back down after all the coughing. So she said she usually tries for the 39th week, but between my medical history and dd being 2weeks early, she went a week earlier. Anyway, she said she tries to schedule them for either Thurs or Friday so did I want Feb 3 or 4? Out of the blue, dd says, "I want the third."

OB asked why and dd says (with a very "grownups don't know anything" look), "Its Elmo's birthday." Then she went back to watching Thomas on my iPod. So, if all goes according to Hoyle, dd2 will be born Feb 3, on Elmo's birthday. I'm just waiting for dd to get tired of the new addition and try to send her to Elmo. I know I prefered Ernie and Bert to my baby sister when I was 5.

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Good job Liesel picking a date- how cute! My nephew LOVES Elmo- so I totally get it Smile I do hope your BP starts cooperating though Sad

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Thats adorable on DDs part lol! We asked Kaylee the other day what she wanted for christmas and she said a baby. We said ok what baby, thinking she meant a new baby doll. Nope she pointed to my belly and said I want Rowan NOW lol

I hope your BP starts being nicer to you! Are you recovering from you cough yet?

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how cute! ohhh dates....hope your bp starts calming down for you!

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That is sooo cute YAY for a date I am still waiting for mine arghhhh