What was(is) your "MUST HAVE" item during Pregnancy?

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What was(is) your "MUST HAVE" item during Pregnancy?

During pregnancy, what item(s) did you (or do you!) find absolutely indispensable!? Was there something you simply couldn't live without (or at least preferred not to?) Have you found something that made your pregnancy woes more bearable? Found a product that helps you feel more connected to your baby?

Share your personal faves and perhaps you'll be included in our upcoming article! When it comes to what pregnant moms need (or want) -- YOU are the expert!

~Missy (missyj@pregnancy.org)

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The one thing that I don't think I could do without is my doppler! Especially before I could feel my baby moving around in there, it was such a nice comfort to be able to hear her little heartbeat. If I got worried or just wanted some bonding time, having a doppler has made this pregnancy so much less nerve-wracking!