When did

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When did

You all start to feel baby moving??

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Nothing yet this time for me

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A bit since 15 weeks for sure, but nothing too consistent yet Sad

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13 weeks for sure but I don't feel it very often. I have to be still and quiet like when I'm at work and it has to be in the mornings (too much gas in afternoons :eek: so I can't tell the difference). I felt it move earlier today.

With my first I didn't feel him move until 18 weeks.

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been feeling little 'bubbles' and 'flutters' since about 14wks but still nothing consistent, rather impatiently waiting for regular movement! i know that the earlier movement i felt when i was completely still and bending over or laying completely flat.

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Sounds cazy but I started feeling Landon at 12 weeks. (very little tickles) I am not sure if that was because I carried twins before or because it was my 3rd pregnancy. It was long times between feeling him but now I have days he is very active and then other days where he is hiding. Smile

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I haven't felt anything yet that I KNEW was my LO. But a couple of times when laying on my back I could swear I feel little flutters. I can't wait!

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I am sure I am feeling flutters Smile I am hoping with this being my 3rd succesful pregnancy I will feel my l/o earlier Wink