When is too soon? For baby #2

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When is too soon? For baby #2

I am truly blessed to have my lil Landon on his way but I have always wanted at least two kids or more Smile However because of my age I need not to wait too long and you never know it took me over 15 years to get to this point so there may not even be a chance for more. This may sound crazy but I was thinking about trying again after 6 months to a year.. too soon you think?

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I think "they" say that you should try and wait a year between pregnancies (at least that is what I have heard) just so that your body has time to fully heal from the previous pregnancy/birth. I know MANY people including some on this board (Elin/Mindie) who have gotten pregnant before that and it is totally fine and great. I personally would have loved to get pregnant before Lola was a year old but I physically (due to breastfeeding) couldn't because I wasn't having cycles (didn't get AF back until she was 15 months!). We never used protection from the time I had her. Anyway I think you will know once you have your baby if you are ready or not. You may be ready at 3 months or not until Landon is over a year. It just depends on what you would be comfortable with Smile

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our first two are 16 months apart and we hope this baby and #4 (wow!) will be just as close if they are a little closer together we would be fine but i don't want them much farther apart than the big boys are. you will know when you feel good enough. so long as things go well i say go for what you want.

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My son was born this past January and this one will be here in late February, so they'll be 13 months apart. Apparently I'm not one of those women who can use breastfeeding as a means of birth control. Ha!

I've found this pregnancy to be a bit harder than the other 3, but I just have to be extra careful to take care of myself and get enough rest. Now that I'm in the second trimester, I feel pretty much normal. Biggrin

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My first two were 17 months apart. On purpose Wink Some of mine have been after going through secondary infertility though. I know how you worry and feel, though mine were never after 15 years of trying. My longest I think between kids has been 5 years....secondary infertility Sad That's the only reason mine have any time between them really. Our last baby we had to use fertility meds to help. We suffered 5 m/cs before getting him...it took over 19 months of actively paying attention and trying our hardest, and fert meds to make that pregnancy happen. This time, my first time to have no cycle for about 16 months after giving birth, we were never preventing but we obviously didn't think we would get pregnant either....we were just hoping Smile We got a huge surprise too Smile We had plans to start herbs again and meds that very month when AF came...but she never did.

I say that you will know when the time is right, and I am all for having them closer in age as well. If possible... :bigarmhug:

You may get a huge surprise as well and get pregnant right away....no matter how long you tried the first time Wink The body is a very strange thing,lol!

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I say whenever you are ready to try again then go for it as long as you have the all clear from you Dr GO FOR IT Smile because like you said it took you this long to get to this point (mine was only 5 years and i thought that was long enough) it may take a while again or it could be quicker hey Smile

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So, ours will be 13 months apart, and I think it'll be great. We weren't planning another this soon, but I'll tell ya- I definitely was already having baby fever when I got pregnant with #2 (maybe due to being fertile right then???). I was worried at first (about how healed my internal incision was) because Ronan was a c-section, but aside from delivery worries, it doesn't even cross my mind anymore. I feel just as good in this pregnancy as I did with Ronan, luckily, and as of now do not forsee any complications. I AM a bit more reserved about delivery options because of how close the two will be- so maybe if we had spaced them further I'd be more willing to try a VBAC, where as of now I'm leaning more towards a repeat section after much research. I think another reason having the babies so close doesn't worry me is because Ronan has been a pretty easy baby- so adding another doesn't sound scary! I'm sure I'd be a little more reserved if Ronan wasn't sleeping through the night, or had colic- but again, we were blessed with a (my point of view) really easy-going baby. The thing that would be most worrisome would be if this next baby has the bone disorder too, as that was stressful when Ronan broke his femur at 7 weeks, and is a worry everyday about what could happen, but even if we spaced babies further they all still have a 50% chance of having it. Either way I think, like others have said, that you'll have a feeling of when you're ready. Plus, even if you got pregnant pretty soon after having Landon, it'd still take 9ish months before you'd have the baby- so there would be lots of time to prepare yourself and for Landon to get better at things like being on a schedule and sleeping all night!

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Derek and Daniel are 364 days apart.

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My youngest Brookelyn, and this baby will also be 13 months apart.. and besides some discomforts this hasn't been too bad of a pregnancy. I mean I didn't wait for my body to completely heal like it is supposed to, so I have some pain that I normally wouldn't have, but other than that things are going ok for me. I just need to watch what I do and whatnot. Like the other girls have said it would be completely up to you, and how you feel and what you are comfortable with.

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My first 2 are 16 months apart and I loved it!! I think as soon as you are ready, go for it. We might try for #4 right away, or we might wait after this one. Really it is up to my DH. I'm up for trying again, but I don't know where he's at on it! ha! Wink

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