When will you tell??

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When will you tell??

So when and how do you think you will share the big news??

We are going to tell our families this weekend. I plan on signing the Father's Day cards from, Garrett, Marcia, Ethan, Lola and "the bun in the oven" Due 2/15/11. We have 3 separate Father's Day celebrations this weekend. One Saturday with my Dad and his family, and 2 on Sunday one with my in-laws and one with my mom, step-dad and my moms parents.
I will probably wait a little longer to tell the facebook world but I am so bad at keeping secrets and so is my family so I may just post it on there this weekend too.

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Awww, that's cute!!

So far I have told my mother-in-law because she has been wanting this for us for soooo long. I also told my 3 best friends.

Me and my hubby decided that since we have been trying for 2 years (and I blab about our infertility on Twitter) that we will probably tell after the first U/S. Having this secret is KILLING ME. I don't know how people wait until after the 1st trimester.

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Oh I forgot to mention that I have told many people already! I have told some close friends, my chiropractor, and my hubby keeps telling his friends. None of these people would ever let it out until I say it is ok so I am not worried my fam will find out before this weekend.

I agree Jenna I don't know how anyone waits until the second tri to tell!! I could never make it that long! The longest we made it was 8 weeks and that was with our first. Last time we told right around 6 weeks. It will be just about that when we tell this time too. I know people wait because of the risk of miscarriage but if I were to have a m/c I would want people to know so they wouldn't all wonder why I was so down. I would like the support.

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DH and I told my parents and brother, and I've told my 2 best friends, DH has told one of his best friends. We are going to be waiting to tell anyone else until after the first u/s...

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Everyone but hubbys family is in the know! Last time they didnt find out until I was 5 months along! Idk how because I started showing at 3 months lol...must have thought I was getting fat. Lol

We [and by we I mean ME] made Kay a onesie that says "Im the BIG sister" Had her wear it around the last 2 weekends so 'she' could tell people (:

I told hubby with a temporary tattoo [See my Feb space] (:

I told my BFF the moment I got my BFP lol I couldnt wait. Then for FB I have a mommy blog and posted that plus my ticker link for people to see (:

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Well we weren't going to blab - but there was a physical injury incident at work last week, so now my boss knows... - so because I can't keep a secret a few of my other co-workers know too!

... we are going to tell everyone else at dd 1st birthday party in July, we got her a "big sister" shirt and we are going to have my mom help her open it!!

after that we are announcing it to the world... I plan on a face book status that says : "___weeks down and _____ weeks to go" we will see who picks up on it!!

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My mom and my sister already know, they actually knew before DH because I couldn't get ahold of him after I got my BFP. We plan on telling my dad and DH's parents on Father's Day. We got a onesie for each of the grandpa's. My dad's says " My Papa can fix anything" and my father-in-laws says "Deda-in-waiting loading, please wait". This will be the first grandchild on both sides so they're going to be really excited.

We'll tell co-workers, family and friends in the 2nd trimester.

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Oh the whole world knows. lol We've lost before and when no one knows and you're too upset to just go on with life, it's just really isolating. I would rather tell early so I have prayers and support surrounding me. That's just me, though. Wink

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We have our first appointment in 2 weeks so sometime after that to get a more accurate due date and even more confirmation. Also, we'll probably end up waiting a bit longer because then that weekend is my sister's wedding and I don't want to steal her thunder and all that- so maybe a week or two after?!?! DH and I each told one of our closest friends so we at least had another person to share it with!