Why must I worry?...

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Why must I worry?...

I have used my doppler twice this week and both times I feel like the only thing I can find is my own heartbeat. And it kills me. I hate waiting between appointments. I have no reason to worry because I have no signs of issues at all. I just am so blah about it. I want to know that what I am hearing is my bean's heartbeat but I really don't think it is. Sad

/end vent

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That would be why I never got one. Too much stress. And the home ones are usually not as strong as the hospital/physicians grade ones.

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Since you are only 12 weeks it is still going to be hard to find it. It takes a lot of patience. That is why many doctors won't even try until at least 12 weeks to find it and their dopplers are much better than ours. I can find my easily now at 13 weeks. The sound you are looking to hear is going to be a obvious much faster HB. I don't even need to look at the doppler to see the rate (of course I always do) when I hear it because I know it is baby it is just SO much faster. Anyway I know it is really hard not to worry but try not to! Your babe is fine and soon we will start to feel movements, that is when the real fun begins!

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Just a hint try lying on your stomach for 5mins baby could be way in the back hence why the Doppler wont pick it up. I couldnt find mine yesterday tried this trick and it worked. It just may work for you Hun. They are hard to find this early and I have to search all over my belly I origanially thought that I'd have to search way low but I didn't. Look high and low hun. Try my trick and see if it works Hun.

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I hope you find it next time you try! Its easier for me to find it now, but when I got it back from my sister at 12 weeks I didn't find it very easily at all, and I had used it with DS before, so maybe it was just too early.

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Thanks ladies. I just didn't figure 12 weeks to be too early still. Ugh.

Trina - I will definitely try that trick tonight when I get home from work. Smile

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I do what Trina said! Lay on my tummy while hubby rubs my shoulders so I am relaxed (:
I have some extra mommy fluff from Kaylee so I do have to press pretty hard on my lower belly to find it.