And the winner is...

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And the winner is...

Katharina Margaret. Now the only question is to use German or American pronunciation. In German its Kah-tah-reena. American is Kah-thah-reena. I'm leaning toward the American just to avoid confusion since we're in the US. Either way she'll be Katie. Any opinions either way?

And Margaret was Dh's grandma's name and one of my favorite great Aunts. Name means Pure Pearl, which I though was kind of cool.

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I agree the American version would be less confusing and it is very pretty sounding! It must feel nice to have a name decided on!

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I'm not loving the extra "th" sound in the middle with the American pronunciation . Its German though? The German pronunciation sounds like Katerina.
Which is nice.

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i would guess that it's going to get pronounced with the 'th' more often than not but she's your so you prounounce it the way you want to. Yay for picking a name, very pretty!

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YAY!!! We have yet to really pick names, oh well! I like it pronounced either way- but especially the German way!