Worried and wondering???

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Worried and wondering???

Hi everyone!! Well, today DH and I went to have our first ultrasound done. We were very nervous to say the least and according to what we calculated we thought our LO would be around 6wks 5 days. Ultrasound is showing 5 wks 1 day, making us due March 5th. We thought we conceived around June 2nd but apparently it was later around the week of the 6th. My last period was May 19th. So, if I was around 14 days ov, that would be right at 5 wks, correct?? Does this sound like it is progressing normally, or is it supposed to be bigger? I think the 5wks, may be right if I ovulated around the 3rd, but thought I was the 1st. SO CONFUSING!! The little swimmers apparently did a road trip and shopping before they decided to find a spot to stay at, and that is why I'm all messed up! Can anyone help me make sense of this and if you think that the ultrasound sounds right. Thanks so much!!

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I really dont have a answer but I am happy you had a go U/S.. If all looks goo just know that many ov later then the norm Wink

Best of Luck

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It's really, really hard to say if you don't know for sure when you ovulated. Will your doctor do a repeat ultrasound? I think that would be your best bet on seeing how things are progressing. I would go back in a week and see what you can see then. Early ultrasound dating can be off, but you won't know what's going on without another early ultrasound.

I know exactly how you feel, I'm getting ready to leave for my first ultrasound and I'm pretty sure we're either going to get the "it's over" news or the "we'll have to wait and see" news.

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Those little spermies can hang out for up to 5 days, too, if you O'd later than you thought. It's difficult to nail down a definitive O date sometimes.

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Keep in mind they say u/s can be off by 2-3 days. However, with my last child, I knew exactly when I o'd (down to the minute!!!) and exactly when we DTD(again, down to the minute...I was writing everything down, doing OPK's, herbs, meds, etc) and my u/s was off by one WEEK. There is no way I was behind that week. Also, the following u/s's changed, some were over a week, some a couple days off. I had a lot of u/s's with him. Level 2 as well and at different docs. So, just know that your own dates and such are more absolute than even an u/s.

I'm glad your appointment went well Smile

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Thanks for all your insight girls, I think I probably ov at 14 or more days, but thought I was earlier like on day 12, just by what I observed. Either case, we do have something in there, just not as far along as I thought. I do have a follow up ultrasound set up for the morning of July 15th. (10 LOOONG days!) That will determine if we get a heartbeat and if there has been any growth. Hope things go well, as we are supposed to fly out the following week for 2 weeks in Seattle and Canada. If not, then I know a miscarriage will probably come and I will just cancel our trip, which I really hope doesn't happen for baby's sake!

Good luck Malenkaya on your appt. I'll be watching what you post and sure am hoping for good news!