yay Thanks MIL

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yay Thanks MIL

the kids stayed at the IL's the last two nights and we got a bunch of stuff done yesterday, it was nice. Went to get the kids today and MIL gave me a new pump for baby. She had asked for some ideas of things we needed and I thought I knew what I was getting. I really NEEDED the pump more than any of the other things but I didn't think she was getting it so I surprised. It was rather nice and that's one more thing off the list YAY!

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Wow, she sounds awesome!!! I'm glad you got so much done too Smile Good feeling!

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How awesome to have such a helpful MIL !!!

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How awesome! I bet you feel accomplished! And yay for MIL helping out! I wish my MIL was that "baller"

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Awe, thats so sweet!

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What a awesome surprise gift to get! How nice that you were able to get lots done! My mom is watching my kiddos tonight which is a very nice treat!!!