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We had our "prenatal orientation" at the hospital that I work at and where we will be having this bean at. We started the paperwork process and got told what to expect when we go into labor. And then we set up our next appointment, which is in 2 weeks. It would seem far away to me, except in 6 days we are going on a short vacation to Arizona to visit family and go to my hubby's graduation ceremony. Then our appointment is the day after we get back! Woo!

Also, I got my doppler yesterday! SO FAST. I ordered it on Monday and opted for the free shipping and it still got here in record time. I did try it out, but I didn't expect to hear anything, and I didn't. I really wanted it for my trip to AZ so we can have our parents hear it. Smile By then I should be 9 weeks and it should work. I'm so excited. Yahoo

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Sounds like you'll have fun and time will definitely not crawl by! Enjoy your mini-vacation!

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Yay for a great hospital orientation:rolleyes:
Sorry you couldn’t hear the heartbeat but the lil ones move around A LOT.. soon you will be able to catch them Smile

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Hope you can find the HB for parents. Just know, 9 weeks is early but some can find it that early. Lay as flat as you can (a hard surface is great) and feel around if you can feel anything. Most this early are super low and use lots of gel and press firmly. Move super slow, too.

Hope you had fun at the hospital!

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Yay for a good orientation! I was going to say the same thing as Christina, 9 weeks is still SUPER early to find it so don't be disappointed if you cannot. I found mine the other day but then couldn't yesterday. I decided I am going to wait till 10 weeks to try again since it is so difficult right now and I just get frustrated.

Have fun in Arizona!!