Yo mamas!

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Yo mamas!

What the heck ladies!! POST! I need your sweet little babies in my life! Share the details, ask us questions, post pictures!! I miss you all oh so much! And dont even say you dont have time, I see you all on FB! Lol!!

Little Rowan is laughing! Daddy got to hear it this morning for the first time during his bath (which is now LOVES). Kaylee taught him how to blow spit bubbles and they do it every waking moment lol
He is still rolling over both ways [dh was convinced it was just an fluke] but my little man proved him wrong! lol Im still trying to get used to having a baby the is constantly growing, Kaylee has always been tiny and Rowan is now HALF her size!! (She's 25lbs, he's 12.5lbs) we are using the 3-6mon or 6mon depending on who makes it lol. He is short and chubby and I LOVE it. He is trying sooo hard to stand and gets very upset when I dont let him but his Dr said to wait jsut a bit longer because his hip socket on the right isnt as far along as on the left.

Heres some pics!

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CUTE!!! He is getting so frackin big my gosh!
Remy is quite a peanut- somewhere around 10.5 lbs maybe, and 20-20.5 inches I guess.
Remy is still in her cast- but looks like we'll be getting it off next friday (20th), so it will have only been on 3 weeks and 2 days! I'm excited and nervous about getting it off. When we went through this process with Ronan a year ago I was a nervous wreck for a LONG time after his cast came off about him getting hurt again, so I know it'll be like that again. I'm already dreading it! But, again, there are far worse things in life than broken bones, so I'll just keep reminding myself that!
I haven't gotten FULL giggles out of Remy, but if I take her hands and brush them on her cheeks and say something like "tickle tickle tickle" or "giggle giggle giggle" she'll do a little chuckle. Can't wait for the real baby belly laughs that I'm sure are right around the corner!
Some pics!

And Ronan on the phone:)

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Hey I'm around just not much of a poster. I read all of them though, just don't always get a chance to respond like I would like to. Christopher is doing way better now that he is outta the hospital, and he weighs 9lbs 7oz as of the other day. He is only up once at night and that is usually at 3am, and then he goes back to sleep after he has his bottle, and bum changed. I am adjusting good to 3, mornings can be a little hectic, and somedays my oldest is a few minutes late for school but I do the best I can. I will upload pics as soon as I can.. I do, however have a bunch on facebook. You can add me for those who didn't and take a look:)

I hope all the other mama's are making out great and that everything is wonderful with their LO's!!

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Elin- There is no denying those babies are siblings! They are so precious!! Remy has the most amazing eyes and little smirk! (: Im glad to hear that she will be getting her cast off!! I am sure she will be so very happy to not have that in her way.

Rebekah-Its great to hear that Christopher is gaining weight! I have seen pictures on FB and he is just so darn sweet! Glad to know you are still around. I feel like our board fell off the face of the earth after the LOs were born!

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