***Calling all Charters!***

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***Calling all Charters!***

Come check out the Charting board: http://www.pregnancy.org/bulletinboards/forumdisplay.php/46-Charting-Your-BBT-and-Fertility-Cycle

I'd love to get the board a little more active again and just posted a fun Question of the Day having to do with what career you would choose for your DH/SO if you could choose anything you want and your wish would be granted, so come on over and answer if you dare Smile I will also be starting a Chat thread back up so that we charters can talk charter-talk. lol. Biggrin

I promise I'll do my part and post fun questions, games, etc., on a regular basis Wink And by the way, you can subscribe to the Charting board (or any board) by going to the yellow bar at the top of the board threads and clicking on "Forum Tools" and "Subscribe to this Forum" so that you can get updates when there are new threads posted.

See you there Dirol