12 week scan :-) now with pics

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12 week scan :-) now with pics

Had my 12 week scan today Smile (will post pics tonight when I load comp)

All is well and measuring in@ 12 wks 3 days do new due date is 24/2/13.

Baby was having a good old dance in there and was over the moon to see. My daughter was very excited and loved every minute of the experience.

Now 20 week scan 10/10/12 to find sex or do I pay ?80 to have a gender scan and find out 4 weeks earlier????? Decisions decisions

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Congrats on a successful scan! I can't wait to see pics!

Oh and as for finding out the gender early, I think you should go for it! lol Biggrin

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Beautiful pics! Your DD is adorable! If it was me, I would pay to see the baby and find out earlier too!

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Awwww....what a cute little baby! Your DD is so cute ! Congrats on again! Biggrin

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Awwwwwwww Congrats Danielle!! LOVE the pics - What a cute shot with your DD holding the baby's picture!
Lol I'd totally pay the $80 to find out earlier, just because I'm too impatient to wait!!

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Hi, baby! Smile Sounds like all is going well!