36w appointment

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36w appointment

What a long morning! I had my 36w appointment and they didn't like how high baby's HR was so they decided to put me on the monitor for an NST. My initial 20 mins of monitoring turned into just shy of an hour and a long wait to see the specialist for an ultrasound because they didn't like the initial results (hr was still high and no movement). I've been having light contractions every 2 minutes or so pretty much all day (at least), some are worse than others but there's a pattern for sure. Baby looks good, not a lot of movement during the u/s but enough he was happy, fluid level looks fine and baby's breathing is perfect. He said she appears fully mature and a good size, and that I can go into labor at any time now! I'm hoping for sooner rather than later though lol especially after today!

Oh and they checked my cervix, 'maybe' 1cm but still feels pretty closed... ugh

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I hope it's soon Crystal and that those contractions your having start doing some serious work!

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Agreeing with the PP! :clappy: C'mon contractions.. work your mojo!!! Biggrin

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I picked up some tea with fenugreek and raspberry leaf in it, supposed to be for increasing milk production however it can cause uterine contractions so I might try it out now, see if it makes them strong enough to actually DO something.

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Hang in there girl, you are almost there Smile Your LO will be here before you know it! (((hugs)))

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Ahhhh Crystal it's almost time! Come on baby Maggie! We're all ready to meet you! Smile