37 week appt!!!!

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37 week appt!!!!

Finally full term (well tomorrow officially)!!! Baby's head is down. GBS was negative (yay since it was positive last time). And I am all set and ready to go for my tubal after I deliver. (Either same day if I deliver early enough or next day) Really feeling like everything is falling into place and we are "ready" for her to come! :yahoo::yahoo:

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Congrats on everything being in order!! VERY excited to see the February babies start arriving soon!!

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Yay!!! Congrats on being full term! I hope she makes her arrival sooner rather than later. I can't wait to see pics of your little girl. Biggrin

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You are full term as well Jina! I bet you are getting excited as well!

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Yay!! Gotta love seeing these 36, 37 week appts coming in, huh?!? Sounds like there was good news for you this week, I hope she makes her appearance soon!

I can't wait for our Feb babies to start making their arrivals!!

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Yes! Very!! lol

Baby boy is really small so it looks like I'm going to be induced at 39 weeks but it might be as early as 38. I'm waiting to find out for sure after my u/s on Monday. Ahhh! We're all getting so close! Biggrin

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Can't wait to see pics of your little girl!!! DH and I decided to go for the tubal as well (he is also getting a vasectomy, just to be safe). Going to get ultrasound on the 30th to see if Max is going to be over 11lbs! I just ordered all the left over things off of our registry tonight and am putting together hospital bag(s). Lots of laundry and cleaning to do still. We are almost there (I am counting the days instead of weeks now).

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EEEEEEKKKK!!! I can't believe we could start seeing some babies as early as next week! So excited!!!

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Yay ! I'm so ready for our babies to start being born Smile I can't wait to get to full term so I can start wishing and hoping for labor !!