39 Week Appt!

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39 Week Appt!

So I told you all if they offered it to me I would take it! So, I go in tonight at 8pm for an induction! I am 1-2cm dilated (they said 2cm last week, but the OB this week, who was a different practitioner said she would call it a 1) and 50% effaced. I am 39 weeks tomorrow and the soonest they would consider induction. So she offered and I accepted! So nervous now, but so excited that there is an end in sight! We will have a baby sometime tomorrow! EEEEK! I will try to updated as soon as I can!

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OMG good luck and (((hugs)))! Can't wait for an update and pics!!!

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Yay ! Good luck Smile I can't wait for an update either !

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yay!!! babies popping out all over the place on this board!!

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Good luck Nichole!!