Alayna's birth story - with pictures and update

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Alayna's birth story - with pictures and update

Ok, so I know this is really late, considering she'll be 2 weeks old on Monday, but better late than never Smile

So for the week of January 29th, I was in the hospital going through 6 days of inductions. 3 rounds of Cervadil, a day of Oxytocin, and an attempt at a foley catheter later, and there was still no progress. So, we decided to try round 4 of Cervadil to see what would happen.

So on Sunday, I woke up with a back ache that wouldn't go away. I kind of expected this as with one of the previous rounds of Cervadil it gave me bad back labour pains.
The pains wouldn't go away, and by 2pm, we thought I was in labour - the pain would come and go, and at it's peak I had to moan through the contractions. DH started timing them, and they were every 1.5 minutes, lasting about 30 seconds each.

So around 4pm, we call our Dr and tell her what's going on, and she wants us to come into L&D to be monitored. Once we got in, they hooled me up to the monitirs and got a little concerned - I was contracting alright, but there was never any 'rest' period between the contractions. Thye back pain was constant, and my uterus wouldn't 'un-contract' or relax at all inbetween.

So they decided the Cervadil had to come out, and we would see how things progressed from there, and I asked for something for the pain. So a shot of morphine and a few hours of bouncing on an exercise ball later, I got checked......not only had the contractions slowed, but I still hadn't dialated at all!!

So, one again I was admitted over night, and once again I still didn't have my baby.

In the morning (Monday Feb 4th), the OB came in to see me to discuss options. He wasn't willing to try Cervadil again after how bad the contractions were the night before, and he didn't want to put me back on Oxytocin if it did nothing to help the first time. He suggested trying the foley catheter again, but cautioned that my cervix hadn't changed much, so it would be just as painful and likey would not help. The 2 options he brought up was either send me home and let my body go ito labour naturally, but judging by my cervix and how I had responded to the inductions he didn't think I would go into labour anytime sooner than 2 weeks, which would put me far overdue, and considering I had GD and my insulin needs were decreasing, they didn't want to risk it.
His other option was a C-Section. when I asked him what he would do if it was him and his wife in our situation, he said he would opt for the CS. He said my body was labouring, but wasn't going into labour, and it was getting exhausted.

So, we made what we promised were the last calls to family telling them that for sure Baby was coming today! So, at 3:05PM, she was born via C-Section.

So things were going well for the first week, recovering and getting used to having a bay, until last week I hot a bit of a set-back.
.....I was sleeping on the couch because Alayna was sleeping in her swing, and I woke up to her crying, at around 3:30am. I stood up and felt a big gush go down my legs - I looked down, and in the few seconds I had been standing up, blood had pooled on the floor. I looked at the couch, and 2 of the cushins had been totally soaked in blood. I yelled for DH, as I was standing there literally watching blood gush down my legs and puddle below me. At this point, we didn't know where it was coming from. So DH got me into the bathroom and got my pants off, to see I was loosing a lot of blood from 1 side of my incision. Luckily DH used to be a medical trainer, so he ran to grab his medic kit, and got an abdminal dressing on me while calling 911. By this point I was alternating between panic and confusion. Panic because I was obviously loosing a lot of blood, and confusion because I was in zero pain, so I really didn't know what was happening. The ambulance got there, and thought that I must have pulled some stitches while I slept.

So, rushed into the ER, and the Dr who checked me out figured out that I had a hematoma (as I understand it, a collection of blood like a bruise that needs to come out of the body). Things were made a little worse because I'm on blood thinners, so they couldn't stop the bleeding. They tried to drain the blood from the incision, but there was still too much. So, they left the incision open and put a dressing on it to let it keep draining. So now since it's been open for almost a week, we're on the lookout for infection, and I haven't even been allowed to have a shower! I see my Dr tomorrow for a checkup, and hopefully she'll tell me it's all cleared out, and no signs of infection - with any luck she'll be able to re-close the site and I can get back on with things.
Since DH has had to go back to work, I've been spending the days at my parent's place so I don't have to be totally on my own or worry about going up and down stairs.

Alayna is doing great though. She was born 7lbs 7oz, and when we left the hospital she was 6lbs 9oz - but by her 1 week check up she'd gained up to 7lbs even. Breastfeeding has been a bit of a challenge.....kind of like a love hate relationship. She's had some latching issues, so my nipples have been cracked and bleeding, but she's learning. Sleeping is another challange, she really doens't like her bassinette! The only place she's 100% happy to sleep is laying on either me or DH, but she's slowly getting used to sleeping in either her bassinette or swing. I'm averaging 3 or 4 hours of sleep a night, since she likes to feed every 1-2 hours. Sometimes she'll cluster feed a few times throughout the day.....she'll go 3 hours or so nursing constantly, with only a 30 minute break inbetween - those nights I certainly have moments where I wish I had started pumping breast milk so DH could be with her for a few hours! We haven't tried a bottle of BM yet, but we'll probably try sometime in the next few weeks.

I was really worried that going for a C-Section I wouldn't feel bonded or as attached to my baby, but nothing could be farther from the truth - we love this little girl so much!

Sorry this is so long and I haven't been around as much - hope everyone is doing well!!!

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So sorry you had to go through so much and am VERY glad you got the bleeding under control - how scary!!! But just looking at her little face, I know it was all worth it. Smile

Congrats again, mama! :clappy:

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She is gorgeous!! Congratulations. I'm glad you got your bleeding under control and they found out what was wrong. I can only imagine the sheer panic I'd have if I looked down and saw a pool of

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She is so beautiful !!! It sounds like you've been dealt a rough start but you seem to be doing an amazing job momma !! I hope everything checks out great at your appointment Smile

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Wow, I'm sorry you had to go through all that! Your little girl is beautiful and she has such a sweet face! Congrats, Jo! I hope things are going well. Biggrin