Am I the only one...

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Am I the only one...

who hasn't gotten an ultrasound or gotten to hear the heartbeat yet?

This is driving me crazy! My OB didn't do it at my first appt (9 weeks), but she did mention scheduling an U/S at the following appt (next week @ 11w). The fact that I haven't been able to see or hear the baby yet is stressing me out enough that I'm considering renting a doppler just to check and see if there really is a baby there!

Sorry, just venting.....It's almost as if really acknowledging and really *feeling* pregnant is on hold until we can see/hear the baby, and I hate this feeling of being in limbo!

Has anyone else had to wait this long?

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I did not get to hear my LO until 11 weeks. Hang in there!

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With my DD we didn't see her until my 20 week u/s but we got to hear her heartbeat on the Doppler. Your doctor should defenitley let you hear the heartbeat at your next appointment.

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I am sorry you are getting frustrated

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With my DD I didn't get to see her till my 18W u/s, I think my doc tried the doppler for the first time at 14W with her!

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Thank you ladies!
I was starting to feel like the only woman who hadn't gotten to see or hear anything. Hopefully by the end of this week we should be booking an U/S and be out of limbo!

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