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    Default Anyone else?'s 3am here. Is anyone else up for no good reason other than pregnancy insomnia?!?

    Since I've had a cold for the past week I'd give anything to be able to sleep and get over it so I'm healthy for the holidays, but apparently my body has ifferent ideas. Guess I might as well get some last minute Xmas baking done.....I managed to give my SIL my cold as well, and she mentioned the only way I can get myself out of the dog house is with another batch of Xmas cookies
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    I'm having the same problem, most nights I wake up and have a hard time getting back to sleep. Sex before bed seems to help, I end up sleeping soundly till about 5am ish. Definitely worth a shot

    My BFF is sick and has been avoiding me for a week so she doesn't give me her germs lol. We only met this spring but we're already as close as if we were sisters, so not seeing each other for a few weeks (first her germiness, then we're both going away at different times) is tough. Stupid bugs! lol

    Hope you and your SIL feel better soon!

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    I feel yah. Very much so 0_o Every night between two and three am I wake up about ready to burst because I have to pee so bad then I cant get back to sleep for at least two hours. So I just play the computer and eventually I go back to sleep. Of course fiancee sleeps right through it. lol. Which is prob. a good thing since he has to work.

    What all do you gals do to help with problems sleeping?


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