Appointment Update!

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Appointment Update!

First off.....
YES!! We heard the heartbeat! There really IS a baby there!!
I'm back at work and luckily it's lunch so the office is empty, because I keep crying! DH was in the room so he got to hear it as well, 160 beautiful beats/minute Smile

I am getting an early U/S as well (otherwise we'd have to wait until the 18 week scan) because I went for the first part of the genetic screening last week. They think that we're off on the dates, so I should get an U/S either next week or early the following one.
Lol I REALLY hope they don't tell me something crazy like I'm 2 weeks behind where we think I am....(OK, I know it won't be that drastic)....but I don't want to move back a week or's kinda like repeating housework that you've just done Blum 3

So the not so great stuff.....
I have to start on baby asprin, and I'm getting referred to a specialist who's specialty is way too long to remember, let alone spell. Basically, since I've had a blood clot in the past, they're worried that I may develop one again.
For now I have to be on baby asprin, but this specialist will decide if that's enough, or if I have to go onto anti-clotting medication again. And that's something I REALLY don't want to do.....the only one that's safe for pregnancy is an injection, and so it means injecting myself in the stomach every day, and go get my blood tested every week or so to make sure I'm on the right dose.

The other not-so-great news is that I'm up 4 pounds Sad
I know 4 pounds isn't a lot, but I'm already starting out overweight, and the OB really wants me to stick within the 10-15 pound gain for my whole pregnancy. The problem is though, I have a history of eating disorders.....and tend to get very number focused. The past few days I have actually had to force myself to eat, because I'm scared that eating = gaining weight. And because dealing on and off with ED's, my metabolism is so screwed up, I swear it goes backwards! All I have to do is even *THINK* about food and I gain weight. It doesn't matter that I eat super healthy, no matter what I do, I gain.
So, I asked for a referral to a nutritionist to help food-wise, and I'm going to have to work on getting over this!

But....we got to hear the heart beat, so nothing else really matters Smile

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So glad you got to hear the heartbeat! That is the best feeling!! I was lucky & had an early dating u/s. They moved me back 6 days. I did feel like I was repeating a week. Not fun.

A nutritionist is a great idea. Someone to give you tips & check in with you. I also started off heavier than I wanted. My ob didn't give me any limits, but I don't want to gain as much as last time (28 pounds), and I have already gained several. My pants don't fit!

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Yay for a strong heartbeat!!! :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo: I'm so happy for you! It sounds like you had a very productive appointment!

I really doubt that they will move back your due date a whole week! I know when you O'd right? It might only be a few days. Yay for an early u/s! Is it an NT scan? I can't wait to see pics! Biggrin

I have a blood clotting disorder as well. My hematologist felt that a daily baby aspirin would do the trick. For a while there we thought I was going to have to take daily shots of Lovenox. Oh and if it turns our that you need injections, they really aren't that bad. Just ice the area for a good minute and it shouldn't hurt that bad! Smile

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Yay for a heartbeat!

Good idea about meeting with a nutritionist. And best wishes with the blood clotting issue!

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Yay for a heartbeat!!!

Anticoagulation therapy is a little price to have a healthy baby and healthy mom! You don't want to be laid up in the hospital with a blood clot in your leg, lung, or head!

An appt with a nurtritionalist is a great idea. You have to eat, but you can learn maybe healthier options.