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Appt Update

Well, I had my 20 week appointment today. It went pretty good, all the usual stuff. Got the results of our U/S last week, and as we expected, the U/S tec didn't really look at the gender, so she didn't include anything in the report. And I have to go back again (oh damn, have to go see the baby once more ;)) because she couldn't get a full face shot and so missed a couple measurements she needed to take.

We opted in for the genetic screening, and so the second round of blood work came back, and apparently I'm low on a certain hormone....I'm not sure which one exactly, but my Dr said I'll have to be monitored a little bit closer the farther along I get, because being low on this hormone could cause pre-term labour. So, glad we decided to get the testing done, and she said again, it might mean 1 or 2 extra ultrasounds Smile

The down side is she mentioned my weight gain Sad I've gained 13 pounds already at 20 weeks, and since I'm already overweight, they really don't want me to be gaining much more.

And....I apparently have pregnancy induced carpal tunnel syndrome?!? I couldn't figure out why my hands keep going painfully numb at night while I'm sleeping, but apparently that's the cause! So. not the thrilled about that, but she said it usually resolves after giving birth. So, I need to sleep either with splints on my hands/wrists, or I have to tape them into certain positions. Luckily for me, DH is a physiotherapist and knows how to tape my wrists, so that's a big plus!

and heart beat was right around 140 Smile

So.....all in all a pretty good appt, and if baby cooperates with us, then tomorrow we find out the gender!!!

Happy Friday everyone!!

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Sounds good - well except from Carple tunnel. Lots of more scans tho Smile

Hope u manage to find out gender ... Looking forward to it x

Weight sucks ... I'm classed as over over weight and midwife says I should only aim to put on 12lbs thro whole pregnancy. I'm +2lbs so far.

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Yay for more u/s!

it's really hard to not gain weight during pregnancy, I'm in the overweight category also (my BMI is horrible) and so far I'm doing ok weight wise, as far as I'm concerned. I figure the only thing I can do is try to eat healthy and not over indulge. My doctor has been moderately concerned because I'm losing, (8lbs but I'm not dieting!) I'd like to know exactly what I'm supposed to do, I eat healthy and walk the dogs 4 or 5 times a week. Docs might be concerned with the actual numbers but I say take care of yourself and you'll be taking care of your baby! I mean you need to eat for baby but then they want you to not gain, it's like a trick question!

My SIL had carpal tunnel through each of her 2 pregnancies, and as bad as it was especially at the end it did go away within 2 weeks of delivery!

HB of 140 sounds like a boy....

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Yay for more u/s !!!

I was overweight starting out and I've been losing so far. One of the doctors in my practice told me that if I maintain or lose weight during pregnancy it wont hurt the baby. She said all women have enough fat on their body to give baby what they need, so I shouldnt try to lose weight but if it happens it isn't a big deal. My midwife on the other hand seems worried and says something about it every time I see her. I'm not doing anything crazy with my diet and I don't really exercise. I'm in school so I walk a lot around campus on Tuesday and Thursday, but that's about it. I'm over here freaking out that our boy is going to be small because I'm losing weight, but I'm probably just worried about nothing.

I think if your taking care of yourself and not overdoing anything food wise than you and baby should be fine.

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"CrysRee31" wrote:

HB of 140 sounds like a boy....

Nah, I don't believe that stuff at all. All 3 of my boys had HB's of like 155-165 Wink

Sounds like an overall good appointment. I have had pain in my wrists pretty bad the past few weeks and your post has made me reconsider what's causing it. I'll have to ask whatever new provider I find.

As far as weight, I was 150lbs at 5'1" when I started this pregnancy. Not huge but not exactly a healthy weight for my height. I have lost at least 11lbs so far and my mw said something to me. I had really bad m/s and couldn't eat so I was losing weight like crazy. I still appear to be losing weight but I'm eating so I'm no longer worried about it tbh. My mindset is that as long as I don't feel like I'm starving or lacking anything, it's probably fine. I mean, I FEEL pretty great most of the time so my body is likely getting everything it needs so I'm not going to stress about it.