Awesome 1st appointment!

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Awesome 1st appointment!

Today was my first appointment with the OB and it went great! I decided to stay with my previous OB and I'm glad I did. My OB and nurse were so happy to see us back! We went over my entire medical history (lol...again! this was the 4th time in 2 years!). She was very happy that I finally got some answers. I know she was very frustrated for me before.

Anyway, I got a pelvic/breast exam and a pap. Tons of blood taken and an u/s! They have 3 huge machines at the practice but she decided to use a bedside machine instead because I just had an u/s a week ago. She also wanted to do the u/s The baby was sooo cute! He started jumping around and he had a nice h/b. We got a pic but it's very grainy...oh well.

She also talked to us about 1st trimester testing as well as other additional testing. We are definitely going to do the NT scan but I'm not sure about the rest. Hubby and I both have had Karyotyping and genetic testing done. We also did PGD (pre-implantation genetic diagnosis) on all the embryos. I dunno...we might as well, right? Just to be thorough.

My next appointment and NT scan is 3 weeks away! Eeek! I'm so used to being seen once a am I going to survive? It's a good think I have the doppler to keep me sane. Wink

Please continue to send positive thoughts....I honestly don't think I can take another loss. I've been trying to stay detached but it's getting harder and harder. Fingers Crossed!

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all I can say is YAY!!!!!!

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That sounds like such an amazing appt! I'm keeping my fingers crossed, everything sounds so great!

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That awesome so happy for you

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Sounds like a great appt!

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Sounds like a great appointment!

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Thanks ladies! Biggrin

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Fantastic appointment! Keeping my fingers crossed for you. Can't wait to hear about your next appointment in 3 weeks Smile

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So glad the appointment went well !

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Jina, I am so happy I could flip. Having a wonderful OB is a blessing. Smile I can't wait to some pics of little 'Flapjack'. Biggrin So you are pretty confident boy, huh? Grow baby, grow!

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Thanks ladies!

Marie! I miss you!!

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Hi Jina!!!
Came to stalk you!! xoxoox

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"lemonlemon" wrote:

Hi Jina!!!
Came to stalk you!! xoxoox

Me too!!! Cait, I stalk you too! Wink

Seriously though, this post makes me so happy. I'm looking forward to continually hearing good news from you- and that day when we see your birth story- that will be a day of victory. :bighug: so happy for you.

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Cait!!!!! Miss you so much! Can't believe you're 26 weeks already! Biggrin

Elizabeth, thank you so much! :bigarmhug: I just read your siggy about your spinal surgery. How scary! I hope the surgery and recovery goes smoothly for you and you're back to ttc in no time. I'll be keeping you in my thoughts! :bigarmhug: