Been ill the past few days :-(

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Been ill the past few days :-(

Hey all

I have been ill the past few days - shivering cold then boiling hot. Not to mention not keeping any food or water down. Being constantly sick. (defo not just morning sickness) was going to ring docs this morning but managed to keep some water down. But belly sore from retching. Still feel weak and shakey so rang in sick today.
Normally I would dose myself with anti sickness stuff and painkillers but obviously can't at tho mo so having to ride it out and finding it hard to do Sad so just having a winge really .

Thanx for listening

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I'm so sorry you're feeling so poorly! It sounds like you have the flu or some kind of bug. I would call your doctor right away to see if there's anything you can take. I know you can take Tylenol or the pain and fever but your doctor might be able to give you some anti-nausea meds. I hope you start feeling fetter asap! ((HUGS))

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Sounds like a nasty bout with the flu! I agree, call into the Doc anyways and see if there's anything that you can take. I know Tylenol is OK for pain/fever, but I'm not sure about anything else.

Hope you're feeling better soon!!

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There are some things you CAN take, so call your Dr so you can at least get some relief!

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That sounds miserable! Hope you feel better!

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Well been to doctors and said must have been flu - gave me metoclopramide to help with the sickness Smile fingers crossed because I'm sick of bein sick now