Belly Pics?

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Belly Pics?

Anyone have any belly pics to show yet?
I have one at home to post later.

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Awww! I love belly pics! I can't wait to see your pic, Jo!

I've been taking belly pics but I still don't have a bump yet. I think I'm getting "thicker" though. I'll post some on my space. Smile

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I've got a small bump, but it's nothing cute to look at. I just look fat.

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Jina I do see a difference between even 10 and 12 weeks, you are so tiny lol! I'm jealous!

I look about 5 months pregnant... at 9 weeks! No weight gain yet, just everything being pushed out.

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I don't have any belly pics. I have extra padding from my previous sections so right now I just look fluffy and not pregnant.

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Anyone have any new belly pics? I'm still waiting to pop. I just keep getting cute little bump for me. boo! Wink