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It is a faint line but it is a beautiful one! I am going to take a digital tomorrow morning....
Now how am I going to keep this a secret from DH until Father's Day?! I am so excited! Stick little bean stick!!! Smile My EDD is 2/27/13

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Congrats! Biggrin

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What a wonderful fathers day gift......Congrats Have a Happy and Healthy Pregnancy!!

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That's great, congrats!

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I just checked with a digital (couldn't wait LOL)... Pregnant! Waiting for 2 days to tell DH is going to be HARD!

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Congrats ! What an amazing Father's Day gift Smile

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Congrats! I think it sounds like an amazing father's day gift. I just don't know that I could wait!!!

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Congratulations!! Wishing your a HH9M!

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Yahoo! Congrats!!! Smile