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OK, for those February mamas who've had their babies, are you breastfeeding? How's it going?

We had a really rough start - Alayna has a pretty small mouth (and I have pretty large breasts!!), and she would have a really shallow latch that left me with bleeding nipples and in awful pain, dreading each time she needed to nurse.

After the first 10 days or so, it magically got lots better as we both learned what to do. But now, in the past few days she's gone back to that really painful, shallow, lazy latch!
It's the worst at night - she doesn't seem to want to open her mouth.....she'll open it a bit, I'll squeeze some boob into her mouth (which she'll then painfully bite down on!), and then either she'll push off and scream because food isn't immediately in her mouth, or she'll fall asleep there. During the day she feeds alright....still has a few issues with her latch, but nothing like at night.

A night time feed can take an hour, and she'll only be actually nursing for maybe 10-15 minutes of that - she pushes off and breaks her latch so often, or she doesn't open her mouth enough to actually latch that I have to take her off, so it's REALLY frustrating for both of us - and at 3am I'm not exactly at my best!

Has anyone else experienced their baby kind of regressing on how well they're breastfeeding?

Also - when is it OK to introduce a bottle? I'm borrowing a pump from a friend, and I'd love to have DH be able to give her a bottle every now and then at night to allow me more that 1-2 hours of sleep.

....and a few quick questions on pumping - How long should I be pumping for? How much should I be getting? If she's nursed on 1 side but only for 10-15 minutes and I know she'll want to nurse again within an hour, should I pump the side that she just nursed on, or the other?
LOL if I have to be planted on the couch for half the day nursing her, and the other half of the day for pumping, I want to make sure I'm getting the most out of it!!

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Is she tounge tied? This sounds JUST like my DS2's nursing. The worst pain ever and horrible latching. I ended up pumping and feeding him bottles b/c it hurt so much. I think when pumping you might only get an once each side unless your milk is really plentiful. I had to work up a supply by pumping every 2-3 hours, even at night. Then I got about 3-4oz each time I pumped.
To help, the LC suggested pointing the bottom of the nipple at baby's tounge; like trying to place that part in first. Also 'tickling' the baby's lips with your nipple 2-3x before actual starting to BF so baby will open her moth wider. Neither of these tricks helped me, heh heh, and I went out and bought a nipple shield. Oh my lord. The biggest relief ever! It forced my son to learn to latch the right way and my nips could heal in the process. I know they aren't for everyone, and some babies become dependent on them, but for us it was a miracle. HTH and good luck.

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I had a really long reply typed up and my computer crashed! I am so upset about that!

Yes! I definitely understand what you are going through. We had a rough start BFing, well more if just a learning curve for the both of us. Took a week to get the latch thing figured out and another week to get over engorgement issues and now we are doing pretty well, except for what you describe is a shallow, lazy latch. Usually at night. I am wonder tho if it is bc I am trying to BF laying down and its not optimal for her age. Then she gets MAD if #1 she isn't latched on right or #2 she just breaks off for no good reason and gets angry like its my fault. LOL Its funny really, but not at 3am.

Are you using lanolin ointment on your nipples? I use it religiously after feedings and I swear its the only thing that has saved them. I notice I get lazy at night and don't use it as much and feel the difference. They get really dried out and more sore.

We use a bottle now. Some say don't until BFing is well established (4-6 weeks) but I needed to for my sanity. I pump before I go to bed some nights to leave DH milk for her and she will eat that, plus some of my frozen supply, and still want me within 2-3 hours!!! Apparently this is normal according to a lactation consultant I trust. She said the baby prefers us to feed and its normal for them to be upset and eat eat eat when they can't have us. Makes me sad in a way bc I don't want her stressed out, but at the same time I need others to be abl eto feed her, especially when it comes time for me to go back to work!!!

I pump 10-15min depending on what I am getting out. I usually go until it looks like I got most of it. I read that baby only eats 60-70% of whats in the breast, so its not like they ever eat it all. You're never "empty". So they recommend you pump 30 minutes after a feeding (why 30 IDK) and pump 10-15 each side (or total if using a double pump). This is for if you are just trying to get out some extra to store. How much you get out will vary. If Kate has not fed on my right side, I will get 2-3oz, but my left will only give me 2oz max... difference in the breast tissue.

If I am wanting to supplement a feeding with EBM thru a bottle instead of having her feed off me, I will pump close to time for her to feed that way I am getting out the most possible that she might way (when you pump after feeding, you won't get quite as much out bc baby consumed some of that). I don't think there are finite rules to the pumping. 10-15 min to drain them... I try to add one pumping session a day to store... sometimes that happens, sometimes it doesn't.

After three kids and this being the first one that I ever stuck it out BFing, I have to say I am SO HAPPY I have stuck it out. It was only literally 2-3 days of feeling like I wanted to throw in the towel (which I did with the other two). Had I known I only had to wait it out a couple more days I would have in a heart beat!

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There is also the option of using breast shields or giving EBM through a bottle if your nipples are so sore you can't feed. Might be easier on you to pump and them them heal. Just a thought.