C-Section scheduled...

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C-Section scheduled...

After much discussion with my OBGYN, I have decided to have a c-section. I am scheduled just a few days before my actual due date, February 20 Smile I had a 4th degree tear when I had my DD (she was 10 lbs and her shoulder got stuck). Max is measuring at 37 weeks right now an he is actually only 32 weeks! I don't want to risk another tear down there. The risk of incontinence is too high IMO. I am a bit nervous being that it is major surgery but am at peace with my decision. I am excited to meet my son and will get to see him via ultrasound in a few more weeks. I will have my Mom and DH to help with recovery and keep my DD entertained too. We live in a 2 story so I am planning to recover at my parents for the first few days out of the hospital before returning home. So much to do, so little time!!! ACK!!!!!

Anyone else have a c section planned or had one with their previous LO?

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Good luck! It sounds like you and your doctor have made the best decision for you guys. I wouldn't want to risk another tear either especially with your baby boy measuring 37 weeks! Glad to hear that you have your parents to help you out while you recover. Please KUP on your u/s! We would love to see pics! Biggrin

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So exciting that you have the date set! Good luck - it truly sounds like you guys made the right decision, risking a tear like that again is NOT something I'd want to do!

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Yay for a date!

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I'm glad you are satisfied with your decision and that you were given the options to make your own choices!

I had a csection with my first (undiagnosed breech) but a VBAC with the 2nd and planning a HBAC this time.