Check in - How're you all doing?

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Check in - How're you all doing?

Hey Ladies Smile

The board's been pretty quiet, so I though we should do a check in, and see how everyone's doing!

How're you feeling, have you have any appointments yet, if you have any coming up, if you're starting to be able to notice a baby belly yet, etc etc etc.....

So - let us know how you're all doing Smile

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I'm feeling fine, other than all towels smell musty to me thanks to a super sense of smell. That's pretty much my only symptom so far. I am going to call to make my first appointment soon, and I'm going to make a consultation appt with the homebirth midwives. I definitely don't have a baby belly yet, other than the bloat.

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I guess I should update on myself as well....

I'm doing great - I've discovered the nausea and vomiting, but only if I don't eat frequently, so I'm eating something small every 2-3 hours. Sleep seems to be something of a cosmic joke right now - either I'm exhausted and can sleep all day, or I randomly wake up at 3am and no chance of getting back to sleep at all. The good news though, is that by 5am on Sunday I had cleaned the whole house Wink
I have an appt with my family Dr this week, and then see my OB for the first time next week.

As for a baby belly, I can for sure tell it's there since none of my pats fit right (I'm even wearing my fat jeans today, and they're too uncomfortable to be buttoned up all day), but luckily for me I have a few extra layers of fluff to hide behind, so to anyone else it just looks like I've put on a few extra pounds.

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I'm doing well. I was having nausea but haven't had any yesterday or today. I'm not sleeping well which isn't suprising. I have RLS and it gets worse during pregnancy.

My first appointment is Thursday morning. They are doing an ultrasound and a blood test. They are hoping to be able to see something in the uterus which would mean the pregnancy is not ectopic but it may be too early.

I feel good about the pregnancy, like everything is ok, but that kind of freaks me out because If it isn't okay then it's going to be a lot harder to take the news.

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Doing okay over here. Still really sick and throwing up often. Sad

Had my ultrasound Friday, I updated on that already. Smile Next appointment is July 9th!