Coming home outfits!

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Coming home outfits!

Have you guys picked out baby's coming home outfit yet? If so, post em here! I would love to see all the cute outfits! Biggrin

Here is Baby Boy's coming home outfit. Biggrin You can see a better picture here.

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This is Baby Maggie's!

That's Honey Bear in the background, DD1 bought her sister this special stuffy to give her in the hospital so she'll always have it. DD1 still has hers from when she was born and even still sleeps with her 'Mother Bear' every night!

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Ahhhhh! Sooo cute Crystal!! Love it!! Biggrin

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I love all these little outfits!!
I'll see if I can get a pic of our coming home outfit tonight - I think ours is just a onsie and a sleeper that DH gave me for Xmas, and a cute fuzzy coat I got the day we found out we were having a girl Smile