could the castor oil be working?? xp

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could the castor oil be working?? xp

Monday I had a membrane sweep and despite 2 days of contractions and an increase in mucus discharge (I've been loosing my plug for what seems an eternity, no idea there could be so much of it!) nothing has been happening. I also haven't had a BM in days, maybe even since the weekend. So I decided to try a little castor oil.

Relief came in the form of a bm this morning a few hours later. Now I'm having irregular contractions and noticed some pink streaks in the mucus. The doctor warned me I might see some blood after the sweep and I did but that went away by Monday afternoon. Could this possibly be working?? I'm not holding my breath just yet...

We're heading out to dinner tonight, something we haven't done as a family in MONTHS! Maybe Baby will want to join us lol

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Good luck!!!