cramping at 14w?

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cramping at 14w?

Forgive me for asking an "is this normal?" question in my 5th pregnancy but cramps like this aren't common for me.

They're in my back too. Should I be worried? I have an appt today so ill bring it up but I'm freaking out a little. We dtd last night but I don't think.I should still be crampy from any sex related uterine contrax. Id say its been like this since about 8am. Idk exactly bc I was in the shower.

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I've had cramps with back pain off and on this entire pregnancy. I think it's just the uterus growing and stretching. I also get pretty intense cramping after dtd sometimes. Not always but sometimes they are pretty painful.

Good luck at your appointment today and please KUP asap!! :D:D:D

~sending you lots of positive vibes!!!!~

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I get them too, some days are really uncomfortable. I try not to worry too much but I'm a worry wart so I do. I do however think it's just the uterus growing and stretching, there's a lot of growth happening right about now!

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Yes it is normal. My midwife always told me "cramping is normal, bleeding is normal, but cramping and bleeding together is not normal". I've always tried to keep this in mind while pregnant.

Congrats on your pregnancy!

Janel (the knitter)

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I have been cramping too and was worried. It is my third pregnancy and my OB assured me its normal and that I will probably be feeling this with exertion from here on out! Fun! As long as you are not bleeding or having any other symptoms I would just chalk it up to your uterus knowing what its doing!

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It went away by the time I got to my appointment so I think it was probably nothing. I mentioned it but neither the nurse or the mw seemed concerned. The mw did freak out about my 11lb weight loss though.

I wish I could say the appt itself was good but the mw confirmed that I will not be "allowed" to vbac if I stay with their practice. She didn't outright drop me because she has this insane notion that I'm going to change my mind but I told her that I will be finding somebody else.

A c-section for me based purely on the fact that I've had prior sections is going to be entirely too traumatizing to me. Each one nearly destroyed me the way it is, I can't handle another one. I will not just voluntarily let someone cut me open unless there is an emergency and a small risk is not an emergency.

She played the dead baby card and I looked right at her and said, you know what, fetal death from a rupture is a very low risk. There is a much higher chance that I'm going to fall down my stairs tomorrow. She nodded and then said, "well you probably also drove here and that's risky. Life is risky". I told her that I can't live my life afraid of tiny risks and she agreed but then continued to say that she believes the risk is too high for a trial of labor.

I felt like I was hitting my head off a wall. The highest percentage she could quote me was "we suspect it goes up a little bit [from the supposed 2% risk after 2 sections]". She also seemed unfamiliar with some of the studies I referenced which is never good.

So that was nerve-wracking. One of my prospective doula's is trying to find a provider for me (yay!) so hopefully this is all resolved soon. Smile

Oh and baby's heartbeat was 155- since that was the best part of the visit lol. Also, she said the baby is kind of high (which I had thought too). He/she is right below my belly button already!