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so bad they are waking me up at night. It feels like the worst AF EVER. Fewer and fewer BH but when I do have them the cramps get worse (and the BH are more regular, 30 mins apart normally for a few hours) and the BH get so tight it's like my belly is in a vice grip!!!

I'm really hoping that something is progressing after all this pain. They don't go away with rest (heck they WAKE me from rest) or seem to be from lack of fluids. Just make me so uncomfortable and cause so much pain I feel like I might :puke2:

Hopefully I'll get a quick scan Tuesday to verify her position and they can measure my cervix then, otherwise I don't expect they'll check me for another few weeks. For whatever reason they don't like to do internal exams here until 38 or sometimes 40 weeks... ugh so ready for this little one to come out but it seems a bit too soon... another 2 weeks till she's full term.....

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I woke up several times last night with cramping/contraction- like pains. I slept maybe 3 hours total in between being woken up. Sad I am so ready for this pregnancy to be over and to meet my baby! Patience is not a virtue I know too well. LOL

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Sorry Crystal! I've been having some painful AF-like cramps too. Try to hang in're alllmost full term! Hopefully Maggie will have turned and ready to come out by 37 weeks! Sending tons of positive vibes your way!!! Biggrin